Performance outcomes discussions

The question areas in this section focus on the way in which social evaluations influence consumer purchasing decisions, facilitate more effective stakeholder engagement, contribute to organisational success or failure, and expose or mitigate business risk. Organisations and their leaders instinctively understand that social evaluations are important drivers of stakeholder confidence. How this works, which social evaluations matter most to different stakeholders, and how organisations can shape these social evaluations to achieve performance outcomes are all significant questions for organisations and their leadership teams. The area that requires particular research is how social evaluations can be linked to performance KPIs, and also how they can be measured and linked to some measure of financial performance outcome.

Social Status: How to Manage an Intangible Asset?

What is your social status? What about the status of your organization? And what have you done for your status lately? Status refers to the hierarchical positions individuals and organizations occupy in a social system such as the position of an individual in an...