We are extremely grateful to many senior people from business and academia for their help in compiling the SERP report, and also for those who are contributing to the dialogue through the blogs and associated comments.

We adopted a three-stage approach to the SERP report.

First, we sought the views of senior leaders from institutions, businesses, and the professions. Within this group, we sought the views of two different organisational communities, to ensure that we gathered opinions both from the board and senior executives (who are responsible for strategic decision-making), as well as corporate affairs, communications, or community/sustainability leaders (who typically work to influence, engage, and shape social evaluations). The first group consisted of the 130+ senior corporate affairs professionals who are members of the Oxford-Globescan Corporate Affairs Global Council.[1]

Second, we took the initial insights from the Oxford-Globescan Corporate Affairs Global Council, sharing these with the group of 50+ Visiting Fellows at the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, a list of whom can be found on the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation website.[2] These Visiting Fellows reviewed the initial list of themes, adding their comments and views, which then helped us decide how to prioritise and group the issues under the ten themes seen in this report.

Finally, we provided this group of ten key themes to the group of over 40 business scholars who are recognised leaders in their respective scholarly fields and who collectively make up International Research Fellows at the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.[3] These scholars took the set of ten identified priority areas and created the series of specific example research questions enclosed in this report.

We are deeply grateful to all three communities for their insights and guidance.

[1] https://oxfordglobescancaforum.com/members.php

[2] https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/research/centres-and-initiatives/oxford-university-centre-corporate-reputation/visiting-fellows

[3] https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/research/centres-and-initiatives/oxford-university-centre-corporate-reputation/international