Social Evaluations Research Priorities (SERP)

Welcome to SERP – Social Evaluations Research Priorities. Established and led by the University of Oxford’s Centre for Corporate Reputation, SERP captures the views of leading practitioners and scholars on social evaluation themes of critical importance to organisations and their leaders.

The five main social evaluators – status, legitimacy, image, reputation and trust – are key anchors for this work.

This website, the triennial SERP report, and the blog forums published here are intended to provide a forum for an exchange of views.

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In my half-century career as a financial investigative journalist, I thought at least this much was true: You need a really good reputation to run a...

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The last century saw the glory years of advertising. The industry broke boundaries and created the glamourous mystique of the Mad Men era. Consumers...

The Blame Game

Blame feels like one of the most natural human reactions, and it is one of the most important ways that we maintain reputations. This seems true of...

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